We are a Vancouver based company with all of our products and materials coming from the Zhejiang province of China. Our founder desires to give back to her Chinese roots - for each factory visit, she takes the time to handpick suppliers that share kaigne’s vision. It is very important to her that we maintain a close and personal relationship with our local factories and employees. Our hope is that as we continue to grow, we can in turn help the local factories to scale as well. With that being said, we go through careful screening processes to make sure the factories we work with are ethical and align with our vision. Through our collections, we want to express beauty in its purest form and create an organic touch, free from complications.


At kaigne, we strive to attain affordable luxury, and express it in the most effortless forms. We believe in the simplest beauty.

We are kaigne. We are organic, authentic, minimal, and uncomplicated.